Will and Probate

Wills and Power of Attorney

Probates and Letters of Administration

We are here to work with you to help ensure that your assets are dealt with in accordance with your wishes.

Grants of probate and letters of administration are collectively referred to as grants of representation. A grant of representation gives a person the legal right to administer the estate of a deceased person.

When a person passes away, he or she may leave behind property, assets, and liabilities. This is known as their “estate”.

If there is a will, the executor or executrix named in the will can apply for probate to manage and finalise the deceased estate. Probate is a legal document that certifies that a will is valid and can be acted upon.

Letters of administration are issued where the deceased has left no valid will. If the person who died did not leave a valid will, the next of kin must apply for Letters of Administration.